PREM 2020

PREM 2020 kidney patients to have their say about their care

Since 2016, the Renal Association and Kidney Care UK have worked with patients and kidney centres to produce the Kidney PREM, the chance for kidney patients to have their say about their care.

The PREM 2020 report shows that, despite all the challenges of the pandemic and COVID-19, most kidney patients continue to highly rate their overall experience of care.

10,000 kidney patients responded to this year’s PREM survey

Nearly 10,000 kidney patients responded to this year’s online-only PREM survey. Nationally the key top performing areas of experience remain Privacy and Dignity, Access to the Renal Team and Patient Information. At the same time, areas that remain challenging include Transport, Shared Decision Making and Needling There are also signs that the new ways of working made necessary by pandemic have affected some aspects of care, especially for patients whose care largely takes place outside hospital:

  • Reported experience of Support and Sharing Decisions About Your Care fell in 2020.
  • Scores for Support fell among chronic kidney disease (CKD), peritoneal dialysis, home haemodialysis and transplant patients compared to 2019.
  • Experience of Sharing Decisions About Your Care was lowest in patients receiving in-centre or satellite haemodialysis.
  • Patient reported experience of Transport improved for in-centre and satellite haemodialysis patients in 2020.
  • The experience of patients living with CKD but not receiving dialysis or transplant notably decreased in 2020 compared to 2019, particularly for Overall Experience, Support and How the Team Treats You.
  • PREM 2020 also included open questions on COVID-19. The report on patients’ responses will be published in June 2021.

Download the PREM20 report

The full PREM20 report is available at