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Represent kidney patients in decisions about research at GSTT?

Would you like to represent kidney patients in decisions about research at GSTT?

The Transplant Renal and Urology Directorate are looking for a GSTT kidney patient to join the TRU Project Board.

The TRU Project Board is led by Professor Anthony Dorling and oversees clinical research in the TRU directorate. All clinical research projects have to be discussed at this committee before getting approval to proceed

The Board focuses on two aspects:

  • What it means for GSTT patients to take part in the research – i.e. what it involves for them.
  • Whether there are adequate resources for what’s required by the study.

You will need to be able to attend a meeting every month, scheduled on the third Thursday from 5.30-7.00pm. The meeting is via MS Teams, so there’s no need to travel to Guy’s.

Each meeting usually involves discussion of two to four projects (the details of the projects, plus agenda and minutes, are circulated several days in advance).

More information

If you are interested in joining the TRU Project Board, email your details to