organ donation week

Organ Donation Week

A socially distanced Organ Donation Week (7-13 September) was always going to be a challenge, but all over the UK people went above and beyond to raise awareness.

Organ Donation Week 2020

The theme of Organ Donation Week 2020 was to open up the discussion and get people to talk to their families about their wishes. This conversation is even more important than before, following the change in the law from an opt-in to opt-out organ donation law (see below).

Lit up in pink

All over the UK, buildings were lit up in pink and social media was awash with support for organ donation. And thanks to the inspiration from the London Organ Donation Team, people walked, ran and cycled to create a heart-shaped virtual map on their smartphones to post on their social media channels.

Your GSTTKPA Chair attempted a kidney-shaped walk, which proved quite a challenge thanks to the local street plan!

The organ donation law in England has changed

The organ donation law in England has changed to an opt-out system.

This works on the understanding that all adults agree to become organ donors when they die, unless they have made it known that they do not wish to donate. If you have not recorded an organ donation decision and you are not in one of the excluded groups (e.g. people who lack mental capacity), it will be considered that you agree to donate your organs, when you die.

It’s still for you to decide whether or not you want to become an organ donor, and doctors will always ask your family to support your decision.

So whatever you choose, it’s really important that you let them know. Your faith, beliefs and culture will continue to be respected.

Register your organ donation decision

To register your decision and for more information, go to