London Kidney Network

Introducing the London Kidney Network

The London Kidney Network (LKN) spans all London hospitals (including GSTT) and brings together experts who are all working towards the common goal of improving kidney care in London.

The network is made up of people with kidney disease and their caregivers, doctors, nurses, dieticians, physios and social workers.

The network’s purpose is to improve access, quality, outcomes, value and experience in kidney care across London. Within the network there are workstreams dedicated to prevention, young adult care, dialysis, transplantation, supportive care and psychological aspects of chronic kidney disease (CKD). Each workstream is supported by experts in patient experience and health inequalities to ensure that the focus is always on patients and caregivers.

Patient involvement within the LKN

Jemma Reast, who leads the LKN Patient Partnership Group (and is also a GSTT kidney patient), describes her vision for the LKN:

“As Patient Partnership Engagement Lead, it’s my job to ensure that, as a network dedicated to bettering kidney care and management across London, we are always reminded of the NHS manifesto that puts patients and the public first – no decision about me, without me”.

“While there are many great ideas and plans under way, these tend to be driven by clinical staff, often without consulting or involving the people most affected – us, the patients! Though the LKN already has some patients involved, we are keen to hear from as many patients and carers – the people with lived experience – as possible.

“Without first knowing and understanding the patient experience (in all its varying forms), how can the NHS design appropriate strategies, solutions, and take steps toward reducing inequalities and improving the standards of care for London kidney patients? There are many ways that we as individuals can have a positive impact to the care that we and others, receive in the future. The LKN hopes to be able to provide easy avenues to do this via our Patient Partnership Group.”

How you can get involved

There is an opportunity to make a real difference to the care you and other kidney patients experience in London. There are also training and personal development opportunities available for those involved.

A Guy’s kidney patient who is already involved with the LKN concludes: “It has been empowering and I am learning more about the experiences of myself and the others who are riddled with chronic kidney failure. I have appreciated being able to convey my concerns about the lack of financial and emotional support for transplant patients across other trusts to the steering group.“

To find out more

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