Diary of a Kidney Warrior

Diary of a Kidney Warrior

More people are listening to podcasts. Just like the radio, we can listen as we work or exercise, but we can choose the podcast topic to fit with our interests. Now you can listen to a podcast about kidney disease.

Dee Moore’s Diary of a Kidney Warrior

Dee Moore has stage 4 chronic kidney disease and is from Birmingham. Her weekly podcast, Diary of a Kidney Warrior, airs on Mondays.

The podcast is dedicated to raising awareness of kidney disease, kidney disease prevention and all aspects of chronic illness and health. In this way, Dee aims to empower her fellow ‘kidney warriors’ with knowledge to enable them to understand and manage their disease and thrive.

Dee interviews kidney patients and kidney professionals and the podcast has covered a wide range of topics including: chronic illness and mental health, sleep hygiene, understanding your kidney blood results and many more.

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